Because how we feel in a space matters.

Should a space feel like joy, belonging, and connection? Or peaceful, private and quiet? Or something else entirely?

Whatever it seeks to be, a space should create enduring value in experience, enjoyment, and economics. It should be a solution that is simple and strip-backed to its bare essentials. It should bring delight. It should appear seemingly obvious and effortless, like the space could be no other way.


We seek to understand the individual and the unique way they wish to feel, experience and use a space.

We uncover and define the aspiration for the space, whilst acknowledging the physical parameters.

We refuse to allow a predetermined design outcome, but instead allow opportunities and solutions to be discovered.

We work effectively in a context of scarcity: scarce space, materials, resources, budget.

We plan space which is not arbitrary or subjective, but which has a clear purpose to capture the desired feeling and intent.

We retain simplicity in design amidst the complex layers that must be assembled.

We orchestrate materials and finishes to drive simplicity of the whole.

We design and build the construction detail to emphasize the experience of the space.